Kahi Tears Up while Recalling Post-After School Difficulties

Soloist and former After School leader Kahi burst into tears during a filming session for the most recent episode of JTBC talk show “Take Care of the Fridge.” The singer was appearing alongside actress So Yoo Jin on the show.

Kahi was overwhelmed with emotion after being asked questions by hosts Jung Hyung Don and Kim Sung Joo.

Kahi began to reply, “I have been through some very hard times since graduating from After School in 2012. In my times of difficulty, I still remember something that So Yoo Jin once told me…” At this point, Kahi began to cry, and the show’s hosts were surprised to see So Yoo Jin also start to tear up.

The full story will be revealed on the next episode of “Take Care of the Fridge”, which will air at 9:40 p.m. on January 26 on JTBC.