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Lee Hwi Kyung-ah, Hwi Kyung-ah… How could I have forgotten about you for so long as completely eligible for our Man Crush Monday list? How could I have forgotten your simple mind, affectionate smile, and tendency to risk your life in order to save Cheon Song Yi?

Now that the stars have re-aligned to bring Lee Hwi Kyung back to the forefront, I can certainly attest to the notion that he is an example of a great second lead. He’s tolerable, even likeable, and frequently brings a sense of humor to the table. In a sea of frustrating second leads who can’t seem to take no for an answer and forces their emotions onto someone else, Lee Hwi Kyung was almost like a breath of fresh air. His twelve year love for Cheon Song Yi was probably a tad bit excessive, but in Dramaland, twelve years is nothing considering main leads spend half their lives, if not more, pining over someone anyway.

It’s just too bad that Do Min Joon was in the picture because what human can compare to that alien? Still, “My Love From the Stars” was also one of the rare dramas where I really hoped to see the pairing of the two second leads in the end, but alas, Lee Hwi Kyung and Yoo Se Mi was not fated to be. Just as well, I suppose, since it would have been odd for Lee Hwi Kyung to switch teams so suddenly after more than a decade.

Before I stray too far from the real topic at hand though, let’s take a look at those five reasons on why Lee Hwi Kyung is our Man Crush Monday this week. (Spoilers ahead!)

1. He can be rather dimwitted.


Hold your horses and hear me out!

Lee Hwi Kyung is an intelligent man. He doesn’t possess an IQ in the genius level, but he can hold his own rather well. It’s just that he has these occasions of idiocy that makes him really amusing. Take, for instance, the moment he told Lee Jae Kyung, his brother and CEO of S&C Company, that none of his co-workers know his real identity and genuinely believes it… right after using his family portrait as his wallpaper on the company computer. You know, family portrait as in the Chairman, the Madam, and his CEO brother. LOL.

2. He values friendship.


This is the biggest reason as to why I adore Lee Hwi Kyung! He handled Yoo Se Mi’s confession like a pro, keeping true to his gentle and kind nature while still being honest and straightforward with her. He empathized with her, but I know that even if he hadn’t been in the same boat, he would have treated her with the same level of respect. I loved how soft spoken he was and how he even apologized for making situations difficult and painful for her, even if he couldn’t have known he had done so.

3. Lee Hwi Kyung is protective.


Simultaneously to a fault, perhaps, but I liked that he’s always watching out for people. (Okay, okay. I admit it. He was particularly biased in his protection of Cheon Song Yi, but even though she had her alien bodyguard to protect her and technically didn’t need Lee Hwi Kyung, the fact that he still made an effort still deserves some kudos!)

Of course, Lee Hwi Kyung didn’t know Do Min Joon’s real identity, so it made perfect sense for him to be so alarmed over their relationship. I mean, as if perfectly resembling the man who saved her twelve years ago wasn’t enough of a warning bell, he’s also her next door neighbor and professor. Do Min Joon also had a tendency, in Lee Hwi Kyung’s eyes, to push his way into Cheon Song Yi’s business. The world isn’t quite that small for all these sudden coincidences, so I thought Lee Hwi Kyung definitely had reason for concern and I liked that he acted on it.

4. Lee Hwi Kyung prevails in the face of difficulties.


It’s not an everyday occurrence to find out that your successful and highly respected brother is a crazy maniac and serial killer. As if killing his lover and employee wasn’t already bad enough, Lee Jae Kyung also made multiple attempts on both Do Min Joon and Cheon Song Yi’s life. Now that’s completely unforgiveable! But because of his brother’s psychological issues, it brings a lot of hardships to Lee Hwi Kyung. Instead of crumbling under its pressure though, he works hard at keeping himself afloat, which is really admirable. A lot of people would be at a complete loss on what to do, but Lee Hwi Kyung always remained rather level-headed, even as he worked with Do Min Joon to capture his own brother and bring justice for all the crimes committed.

5. He’s touchingly thoughtful.


How many men would gift a mother with a large bouquet on their daughter’s birthday? Not with the intention of sucking up to get on her good side, but because he understands that the day of their daughter’s birth marks one of the most difficult, painful, yet rewarding time for the mother. As a gesture of appreciation and love, Lee Hwi Kyung is incredibly thoughtful in that respect. He always seems to intuitively know how to show just how much he cares and that’s a positive thing. I think anyone who is fortunate enough to have someone like Lee Hwi Kyung is in good hands.

Soompiers, what did you think about Lee Hwi Kyung? Were you Team Alien or Team Human during the days of “My Love From the Stars?” How does he rank on your Man Crush Monday list? Let me know in the comments below! Don’t forget to recommend who you’d like to see next for February’s Mystery Reveal!

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