Japanese Film “Love Letter” to Be Remade into Korean Drama

Japanese film “Love Letter” will be remade into a Korean drama.

The film, which was a box office hit when it opened in Korea and became the tenth highest-grossing film of that year in Korea, will be remade into a Korean drama by the team behind “My Love from the Stars.”

Media outlet Munhwa Ilbo reported on January 27 that HB Entertainment will be producing the drama, while Japanese entertainment agency Amuse will be also collaborating in producing the drama.

An industry insider told the media outlet that “Since ‘Love Letter’ has yet to be made into a drama, this drama will be getting a lot of attention in Japan as well.”

The melodrama film tells the story of a woman who starts to send letters to the old address of her dead fiance, to actually start receiving responses.

The drama remake is expected to premiere in the second half of this year.

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