Nana Reveals Her Dating History on New Episode of “Roommate”

Viewers of tonight’s episode of “Roommate” will get to know Nana a bit better, as the singer revealed her dating history along with co-stars Sunny and Lee Gook Joo. In the episode, the three girls sit together and share a sincere talk about their pasts, including their previous relationships.

During the talk, Lee Gook Joo straightforwardly asks, “Have you ever dated a celebrity?” to which each girl describes their past dating experiences. During the conversation, Nana reveals that she “likes guys who act cute,” while describing her ideal type. The girls also talk about their favorite presents received during previous relationships, with Nana describing a hand-made photobook that she got from an ex-boyfriend. Hearing that, Lee Gook Joo then asks, “Was he a celebrity?”

To catch the full conversation between the three girls, watch the latest episode of “Roommate,” airing January 27 at 11:15 p.m. KST.