Jang Nara Reiterates Desire to Marry and Have Children Before Her Forties

Actress Jang Nara has explained that she hopes to get married and have children by the age of 40, and that she is currently in talks about starring in a Chinese drama series.

The star, who is 34 years old, took part in an interview for Chinese media outlet Sina, and spoke about her professional and personal life.

She told Sina, “I am currently single, and I hope I can meet a nice, healthy man. If I have too many prerequisites for a partner, it will make things harder. Ideally, I would like to get married at around 37 years of age, as I want to have a baby before I turn 40.”

Jang Nara has previously stated that she will do her utmost to have children before she is 40, and said words to the same effect on talk show “Healing Camp” last year.

The star also added, “I am in talks about my next acting project. I am speaking to the makers of a forthcoming Chinese drama series, but nothing has been fixed as of yet.”