Brian Park of “Superstar K” Signs With Same Talent Agency as Daniel Henney

Superstar K Season 6” contestant Brian Park has signed with talent agency Apple of the Eye.

The agency represents stars such as Daniel Henney, star of the Hollywood movie “Wolverine” and CBS series “Three Rivers,” as well as stars such as Kane Kosugi.

A representative for the agency explained, “Brian Park was studying clarinet at a famous music institute, Mannes College of Music in New York. But he will not be going back to school, and will instead stay in Korea to pursue a career as a musician and entertainer.”

The spokesperson added, “The combination of his unique musical style and his huge star potential can help us to begin a new era of entertainment business in Asia and beyond.”

The agency also mentioned that fans could expect Brian Park to work with famous music producers from Korea and abroad, and noted, “We will add our full support to ensure great results for him.”