Yewon Upset with Her Management Company for Mistreating Her Fans

Singer Yewon complained on Twitter that her fans were being mistreated by her agency.

On January 27, she said through her Twitter account, “I wonder when you will listen to the voices of minorities. I’m so upset.”

Earlier, Yewon had uploaded on Twitter pictures along with a text saying, “The heart of [my fans] that prepared banners to congratulate me, but had to spread it on the ground because my company wouldn’t give them a feedback. Thank you so much, and I’ll apologize instead [of the company]. I’m Sorry.”

The uploaded photos are of banners prepared by Jewelry’s fans that say “Yewon and Semi, Great work. You did well. To the fans, Jewelry will go on forever,” and “Thank you for everything, JEWELRY forever.” Although they were prepared in order to celebrate the fourth anniversary of Yewon and Semi’s debut as Jewelry, the banners are all spread on the ground.