Son Ho Joon Says Surviving with B1A4’s Baro Is the Most Memorable Moment in “Laws of the Jungle with Friends”

During a press conference for “Laws of the Jungle with Friends,” Son Ho Joon said that the most memorable moment during the filming was when he tried to survive in the jungle with B1A4’s Baro.

On January 27, the press conference for “Laws of the Jungle with Friends” was held at the company building of SBS. Part of the cast and staff of the upcoming “Laws of the Jungle” season participated in the conference.

When asked which is the most memorable moment for him during the filming, Son Ho Joon answered, “Every moment from beginning to end was memorable.” He then added, “But I especially remember the time I survived with Baro. We had been starving for a while when we set up a trap made of coconut just in case, and were surprised to actually catch crabs with it. It was really good. I was so happy that time.”

After acting in the same drama “Reply 1994,” Baro and Son Ho Joon had continued their friendship in the show “Youth over Flowers.”  Moreover, they are to feature in “Laws of the Jungle with Friends” together.

Meanwhile, the show will air its first episode on January 30.

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