After School’s Nana Says It’s Hard to Date Celebrities on “Roommate”

After School member Nana elaborated on her previous relationships on the latest episode of “Roommate 2,” also disclosing that she has dated other celebrities in the past.

“When I date, I don’t go into it easily and I don’t break up easily, either,” she said while talking with other “Roommate” members Sunny and Lee Guk Joo. “The number of boyfriends that I’ve had can be counted on one hand. A number of them were celebrities. My longest relationship lasted about two years.”

NaNa then elaborated on her experience dating celebrities, saying, “You can’t really date when you’re going out with someone famous. You’re really limited to certain things. It’s hard to go out to eat, so you’re really limited to just your house, your car, or an empty movie theater. You have to go really far out (from Seoul) if you want to see a movie.”

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