Welcome to another “We Got Married” highlights with bubblybribri! There has been so much going on and off screen with our couples lately, but let’s enjoy this recap for this past episode. This weekend’s episode was epic because it was the first time all three couples got together! You don’t want to miss this one!

1) Together at Last

The top moment and by far the best moment of this weekend’s episode was when all the couples gathered for the first time before the 2014 MBC Entertainment Awards. Since Hong Jong Hyun and Yura‘s house was the closest (on the MBC rooftop), they invited all the other couples to their cute little house. Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young arrived first and definitely made themselves at home by sitting down on Jong Hyun and Yura’s bed. I think Yura was really excited to see Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun because she felt that they were people she had only seen on TV and she wondered if they would be all cute and lovey dovey in front of them.

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This is where all the couples try to show off their closeness and chemistry. Jae Rim pulled out the chair for So Eun and said kind of loud, “Sit here, honey!” How funny! You could see the husbands putting their arms around their wives or patting them on the head, but it was probably more Jae Rim and Min, not Jong Hyun. At first, all three couples were in their own world, having their own conversations. Jae Rim asked where the bathroom was and Yura quickly responded, “We don’t have one so you have to hold it in.” The couples received a package containing their mission. They had to do several games that show their chemistry as a couple and the losing couple had to do a re-enactment of a famous kiss scene on the red carpet. The photo they had to re-enact caused Yura to gasp in shock. Yura knew that they would have to do it, so she said in her interview that if they had to do it, they might as well do it really well. I think she was more excited than she let on.

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In the first game, the couples had to close their eyes for 100 seconds and feel what was between their cheeks and guess the object. The object is something that both the husband and wife know. It is an object that is part of their memories as a couple. Yura said that Jong Hyun’s cheek was warm and you could tell she totally enjoyed the moment. But unfortunately, they only guessed one of the objects correctly. Min and Jin Young were not afraid to get close and hold on to each other during this game, but they only got two out of three correct. And then you have Jae Rim, who puts his arm tightly around So Eun and puts his cheek next to So Eun’s even before the game starts. Of course he would. You could just see his whole face moving closer to hers and especially her lips. Squeals! The Sorim couple got all of their objects correct and Yura was in an outrage because she thought it was unfair and she knew they lost. But a part of me feels like she was just overreacting and really wanted to lose anyways to get further in her skinship with Jong Hyun. I feel like every girl has done this at one point. I probably have done this too, but it’s just cute how she kind of has a tantrum about the game. What a pokerface she has!

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But Jong Hyun and Yura had one more chance to win in the next game, which was “Say it With Your Body!” This game is like charades, where one person describes the word or phrase only with their body. Jin Young and Min were super fast and got 8 words right. Jong Hyun and Yura were doing pretty well, but he kept asking Min to turn the pages faster because Min was too slow. I think Jin Young and Min were purposely trying to go slower and distract them so that the JJongah couple would be the couple to do the “kiss” scene. And they lost, so congrats to Yura and Jong Hyun for getting the “kiss” scene mission.

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Even as they practiced the “kiss” in the room with the other couples, the wives just screamed and squealed out of excitement. As the couples were about to head to the red carpet, Jae Rim picked up their cue cards from the game and saw actor Lee Sang Yoon‘s name as one of the words. This made Jae Rim go crazy with jealousy, asking “Why is his name showing up here?”


It’s interesting to see how each couple walks on the red carpet and how they interact with each other. Jin Young just linked onto Min’s arm, Jong Hyun and Yura held onto each other by the waist, and Jae Rim and So Eun tightly held onto each other’s hands. During the photo session, Yura and Jong Hyun made a heart together and Jae Rim and So Eun had their typical actor pose, with just one hand up while holding onto each other’s hand. Yura and Jong Hyun did their “kiss” scene re-enactment, and although Jong Hyun said it might’ve looked like he was pushing her, he was still satisfied. Yura said it was nice because she felt like he was leading her and he made her feel comfortable. She said now that they did a kiss scene and the cheek kiss, she is hoping that he will show different sides of himself to her.

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2) One Sided Love?

There has been so much buzz about Jong Hyun, Yura, and After School‘s Nana this past week. I’m not sure if this had anything to do with it, but for some reason, I noticed Yura’s affectionate side and Jong Hyun’s introverted personality a lot more than usual. For some reason, Yura seemed very bubbly and excited, but Jong Hyun looked tired and a bit out of it. I think after their cheek kiss last week, she felt more comfortable so she tossed out a lot more comments about skinship and kissing. Jong Hyun noticed she changed her couple ring and Yura joked in the interview that since they overcame a mountain with their cheek kiss, as they progress with the skinship, the rings will constantly change and get bigger. But the real question is: Will their skinship progress?

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Yura knows that Jong Hyun is not the one to be expressive of his thoughts or feelings and give her cute reactions, but she constantly tries to bring this side out of him. She is definitely more into him than the other way around. Although Jong Hyun seemed tired and out of it that day, he still showed that he cared for her in the little ways, like putting the new ring on her finger, bringing her tangerines, and only watching her during the dress rehearsal. It is cute when she says all of these cringe-worthy puns while Jong Hyun is cutting fruit and he just takes them in and laughs along.

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3) Playing with the Ramen

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I feel like we saw a more child-like side of the Sorim couple this week. Although they were still natural, they were just extremely playful and childish with one another and their precious ramen. After spending time looking out at the beautiful city and the sunset, they went back to their hotel to eat some ramen. So Eun even put lotion all over her husband’s face. This was a pretty sweet and natural moment. Because Jae Rim made fun of the way So Eun packed the ramen in Korea, she said that she wasn’t even going to give him the ramen soup. Jae Rim took the kettle so she couldn’t cook and they were just messing around. Finally the ramen was ready to be eaten and she was cooling it off by blowing air on the ramen. She pretended like she was going to give him some of it, but ended up eating it herself. Then, when Jae Rim got the chance he spit all over it so she couldn’t eat it. You could see how proud and happy Jae Rim is, while So Eun is just filled with disgust. She was so speechless that she said in her interview that if she had the selfie stick with her, he would’ve died.

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Their moments on the bed are so different from all the other couples. The other couples has such sweet and precious times on the bed, laying down or doing a sexy photoshoot, but this couple decides to wrestle. Their massages turned into wrestling on the bed. It’s so funny how the title at the top of the screen says “Romantic (?) One Bed.” Jae Rim had his legs and feet squishing So Eun and of course, she couldn’t lose, so she bit his leg and fought back by headlocking him. Their night was comprised of more wrestling and snorting air into water bottles. But they ended the night as So Eun tucked Jae Rim in the bed and put lip balm on his chapped lips.

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Jae Rim is proud, So Eun is disgusted, and Eric is dying from laughter.

4) Minnie & Jinnie

I just wanted to come up with a cute title for our Naughty Couple! This couple is so natural in their affection towards each other, even though many of their reactions and actions towards each other make the audience cringe. But I feel like most people have gotten used to it by now. They made heart shaped dumplings together, while putting flour on each others’ faces. What a typical drama scene! But the fact that they just made food and ate together made it seem like an everyday thing real couples do with each other.

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They decided to take a five hour trip to a city called Jeongdongjin, so of course Jin Young had to get a ton of snacks from the snack bar. She picked out everything from hard-boiled eggs, sweet potato snacks, coffee, cider, sausage, and more. And the look on Min’s face was priceless! He just stared in awe. The couple had a really fun train ride, laughing with one another as they “tried” to play guitar and did games like the pepero game. They just can’t get enough of their kisses.

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I really liked this past episode just because we got to see all the couples together and see how they are in front of other couples. I feel like we were able to see various sides of each couple. Now, all of our couples are officially back in Korea and I am totally looking forward to next week’s episode. What was your favorite part of this week’s episode? Which couple made you squeal and swoon the most? Comment below and share!

Here is the special featured photo of Eric Nam and Jae Rim! I had to include this.


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