Is Ringo Jay Dating B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk or Not? Suspicious SNS Pattern Uncovered

Recently, fans of B.A.P have been speculating about a possible relationship between Bang Yong Guk and indie singer Ringo Jay after noticing similarities between their Instagram posts. According to posts on online forums, Ringo Jay has been dropping hints about their relationship for around three months by sharing photos of their matching bracelets and changing her profile photo to match that of Bang Yong Guk, among other suspicious behaviors.

While most of her controversial Instagram photos have been deleted, screencaps of the posts are still circulating on the Internet. Ringo Jay’s posts first began to arouse suspicion after she shared a photo of her, Bang Yong Guk, and an acquaintance of Bang Yong Guk taken at a party on her birthday. Having tagged the post with the hashtag bangster, which is the nickname of Bang Yong Guk, the photo soon caught the attention of Bang Yong Guk’s fans.

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Fueling the speculation, Ringo Jay was soon spotted wearing a bracelet that looks identical to that of Bang Yong Guk’s. The next day, she posted a photo of artistic nail art with the text “#LOVE,” which could be understood as an expression of love for Bang Yong Guk. The photo is also tagged with the hashtag “#angel,” which is the title track of B.A.P’s first studio album.

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Raising questions about a possible hidden meaning, Ringo Jay also shared a photo of herself wearing a sweatshirt with the Pooh character Tigger, which also happens to be Bang Yong Guk’s favorite character.

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Other similarities include the same number of posts and people they are following on Instagram, as well as similar profile photos. According to fans, Ringo Jay changed her profile photo whenever Bang Yong Guk changed his, and she constantly chose a photo with a similar theme or character as Bang Yong Guk.

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After a compilation post of alleged evidence of their relationship began to gain attention on January 27, Bang Yong Guk left a message on his Twitter on January 28, saying, “Silence is better than bullsh*t.” Fans have understood this message as a response to the dating rumors, hinting that Ringo Jay’s behavior should not be taken as a confirmation of their romantic relationship.

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Fans are currently speculating that Ringo Jay intentionally made her posts appear like an exchange of messages between her and Bang Yong Guk for unknown reasons. Some wonder if she is simply seeking attention and hoping to promote her music through the dating rumors.

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