Sunny Considered Getting Back with an Ex After Receiving Thoughtful Present

On the 37th episode of SBS variety show “Roommate,” which aired on January 27, Sunny, Nana and Lee Gook Joo opened up about their dating experiences.

Sunny shared about one of the most thoughtful gifts she ever received from a lover, “You know how I like doing puzzles? [He] drew a picture of me and things that are meaningful [to me], had it made into a puzzle, and gave it to me. [The puzzle] contained 515 pieces to match my birthday which is May 15.”

She shared that she and the guy had something between them, but never officially dated.

Sunny continued, “After we had ended on kind of bad terms, he sent the puzzle to me on my birthday, so I reconsidered [getting back together].”

To Lee Gook Joo’s question, “Did you get back together?” Sunny replied, “No. I just considered it seriously.”

“Roommate” airs every Tuesday at 11:15 p.m., KST on SBS.