Kim Hee Sun, Ji Hyun Woo, and Others Confirmed for MBC’s School Drama “Angry Mom”

MBC has announced the star-studded cast of its upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama, “Angry Mom,” which is set in a school environment. The lead roles will be played by Kim Hee Sun, Kim Yoo Jung, Ji Hyun WooAfter School‘s Lizzy, and Oh Yoon Ah. While some reports suggest that B1A4‘s Baro is also confirmed for the drama, his representatives have clarified that they are still considering the offer.

Following Kim Yoo Jung’s previous confirmation, the other four stars have now confirmed their casting and set the date for the first script reading, which will be held on February 7.

The supporting roles are played by another group of talented actors, including Park Geun Hyung, Kim Hee Won, Park Young Gyu, Lim Hyung Joon, and Park Hee Jin.

“Angry Mom” will revolve around the mother (Kim Hee Sun) of a high school student (Kim Yoo Jung), who tries to stop other students from bullying her daughter by personally enrolling in her daughter’s school. The drama is described as an entertaining yet touching piece about the darker side of high school education in Korea. Ji Hyun Woo will play a teacher and Oh Yoon Ah will take on the role of Kim Hee Sun’s friend, while Lizzy will transform into a high school student for her role. Baro is also in talks to play a high school student.

“Angry Mom” will premiere in March after “Kill Me, Heal Me” ends its run.