4Minute Drops Teaser Video and Jacket Photos for “Crazy” Comeback

Girl group 4Minute has confirmed that it will be making the next stage of its comeback on February 9, and has released a teaser video to tease the group’s next song.

The video is relatively short, at 15 seconds, and fans hoping for a glimpse of the group will have to hang in there for a little longer. Instead, the video shows what appears to be a man dealing a pack of playing cards, eventually revealing the 2 and 9 of spades. The numbers are a reference to the release date for the track — February 9.

The group has already released a music video for the track “Cold Rain,” the first of two lead tracks from the forthcoming album.

“Cold Rain,” an emotional ballad number, represented a major musical departure for the group, which is mainly known for its up-tempo, dance-driven songs. However, the girls are now set to return to their trademark energetic concept for the second lead track, which is being described as “powerful.”

4Minute has also revealed a series of black-and-white teaser photos for their sixth mini album, “Crazy.” The photos hint at a strong and sexy hip-hop inspired concept.

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