Kim Jong Kook’s Agency Denies Rumors That Turbo Is Making a Comeback

On January 29, a report was released that Turbo was coming back with a new album in 14 years with the help of Duble Sidekick, a production team that made hit songs such as A Pink‘s “Mr. Chu, SISTAR‘s “Give it to Me,” and Girl’s Day‘s “Darling.” According to the report, both Kim Jung Nam, who was a member of Turbo for their first two albums, and Mikey, who was a member from the third album and on, are to join Kim Jong Kook for Turbo’s comeback.

However, Kim Jong Kook’s agency denied all rumors about the comeback. After talking to Kim Jong Kook about the report, they concluded that the rumor was false.

The management agency also clarified that Kim Jong Kook is currently focusing on preparing his 20th anniversary solo album, and said, “We talked to Kim Jong Kook [about the report] and he said Duble Sidekick merely made an offer. The company was not officially informed about a possible [comeback], which means nothing is set in stone.”

Meanwhile, Turbo has not been active as a group since 2001, and only Kim Jong Kook remained in the entertainment industry with solo albums and featuring in various TV shows. However, many fans have expressed their desire for Turbo to come back since Kim Jong Kook and Kim Jung Nam featured in “Infinity Challenge‘s” 90’s special “Saturday Saturday Is a Singer.”


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