Jessica and Krystal Pose with lapalette Bags in Vogue Korea

Magazine Vogue Korea has taken to Instagram to post pictures of celebrity sisters Jessica and Krystal posing for fashion brand lapalette


The fashion label specializes in handbags and other accessories, and the former Girls’ Generation star and current f(x) member have been modeling for the company for some time now. Some of the images have been used before as part of lapalette marketing campaigns.

Jessica and Krystal 2

The stars appeared (separately) at two “fan signing” events for lapalette in Seoul in December last year, and behind-the-scenes videos of lapalette photo shoots have also previously surfaced on the Internet.

Jessica and Krystal 3

Jessica recently launched BLANC & ECLARE, her own fashion company, which is headquartered in Hong Kong and has outlets in mainland China.

Krystal’s most recent release with f(x) was the studio album “Red Light,” which dropped in July 2014.