Sword fights, secret ninja assassin spy moonlighting as a gisaeng, and a lost princess who’s masquerading as a man around town? These are a few things that occurred this week on “Shine or Go Crazy.”

Episodes 3 and 4 Review

akinahana89: So, is it just me or did this week’s episodes slow down a bit in comparison to last week?

LavelyShai: I think we got more settled into the plot this week, there’s no major introductions so now the focus is on the story. Speaking of intros, did you notice how helpful MBC was by adding the characters names in episode 3?

akinahana89: I did! I was just about to mention how much I love that extra touch. It really helps me remember everyone’s names. I also liked how episode 3 backtracked a little bit before reaching that scene at the end of the second episode to show how our mains have somewhat changed in that five-year time jump.

LavelyShai: Yes, I loved that. I know the time jump confused some people and they were kind of curious how the leads were living during those 5 years so it was nice to backtrack a little. I almost thought I was watching episode 2 for a second. So far, I am enjoying how the story is being told and seeing some things from multiple perspectives.


akinahana89: One thing that I failed to mention last week is that I really love how some of the action scenes are in slow motion. Sometimes, the action is so fast, you can completely miss it if you so much as blink. It doesn’t work for every drama, but it fits in really well here. I really appreciate being able to see how Wang So moves when he’s fighting. I guess it helps that Jang Hyuk does his own stunts without Mr. Stunt Double!

LavelyShai: Oh yes, I like that part. We get to see every movement. I think Jang Hyuk doing his own stunts is why they chose to slow down those scenes and it works well. It doesn’t appear to be showy in a way, but it serves to show us how much Wang So has grown. He is such a complex character; he pretends to be a young prince with nothing going on, but he’s really a trained assassin who has his own ninja assassin army (if you can call them that).


akinahana89: You’re right. Wang So has grown and matured so much in that five-year period, but I think everyone else is still pretty much the same. Shin Yool has harbored her love for him for so long that I thought she would have, well, jumped him when she finally met up with him again. Unfortunately, she decided she wanted to play identity games?! It served as the comedic part of the drama, but I think I much preferred her being straightforward about who she is. Hwang Bo Yeo Won, on the other hand, seems a bit more conniving than before, so I suppose she has grown in that aspect too.

LavelyShai: Well, I don’t think Shin Yool meant to show up in front of Wang So as a man. If I remember correctly, she chose to dress up like that so she could trade easier since it was harder for her to do that as a woman. I find it funny that she really was no different as a man than as herself; she’s still very blunt and honest about everything. Also add in that she acted like a woman the whole time lol. Yeo Won seems to have grown more desire to take over the throne. That’s what she always wanted anyways, but now she wants it for her brother to be king instead of her ‘husband.’ I believe she’s always been very conniving, but we’re able to really see how much so. I wouldn’t have thought she’d have spies in the gisaeng house; she really does want that throne.


akinahana89: It’s true that Shin Yool never intended to meet Wang So again while dressed as a man, but could she blame him for not recognizing her? Of course Wang So wouldn’t have thought to tie “Gaebong” to Shin Yool because they are two different genders! (Although I honestly don’t know how Shin Yool could fool anyone with that getup, anyway. She still exudes her feminine… charms. Hehe.) Actually, I also was surprised to find that Yeo Won had a spy in the gisaeng house. What did you think about the current King and Wang Sik Ryeom?

LavelyShai: Shin Yool should have realized that he’d never recognize her, even as a woman because he never saw her face. The only way he’d know who she was is if she showed him that pendant. *gasp* That will come in handy one day. About the king, it’s obvious he’s a puppet king and only serves his purpose because Goryeo needs one. Wang Sik Ryeom clearly wanted the late king out of the way to take control of the kingdom. I do find it interesting how the current king has wanted to stand on his own and be a real ruler and he felt liberated to finally do so. Sik Ryeom is an interesting character and I wonder how things will play out between him and the Hwang family since Wang Wook declared they were on his side. Speaking of Wookie (yes, I just called him that), seeing him fall for Shin Yool because she looks like his late love is a story I am looking forward to.


akinahana89: Ah, you mean that pendant will serve a greater purpose than just showing Shin Yool that Wang So didn’t forget about her a la episode 4? Haha. I’m kidding, by the way. While I’m also interested in seeing how Wang Wook’s story will play out, the shoe was just too Cinderella for me… just like how the fight scene with Wang So, Eun Chan, and the “distractions” near the dock really reminded me of “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Is that just me?

LavelyShai: We saw the pendant in episode 1 when the children thought they broke it- that’s where our story began. So I do believe it will serve a higher purpose other than what we saw in episode 4. It also may be a guide to each other’s hearts. Haha! I had thought of Cinderella when I saw the shoe thing; especially when he told the shoe he’d return it to its owner. Like, she’s rich enough she can get another. He’s so cheesy (I kinda like it!). You’re talking about the chase scene on the boat right? I literally yelled out “That’s from ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’!” It seems all this is done purposefully so we don’t forget it’s a comedy.

akinahana89: While that may be true, I’m still undecided on whether or not I like that aspect. Some originality would be really nice too! Overall, the two episodes this week have been steady and consistent with the plot developing at a nice, albeit slightly slower, pace. I’m curious if Shin Yool being a lookalike is a simple plot device used to create a love triangle… or if it’ll serve a greater purpose in the future of “Shine or Go Crazy.”


LavelyShai: I’m hoping the lookalike thing will serve a better purpose other than being something to create a love triangle. Part of his description says that Wang Wook will be motivated to take the throne in order to protect Shin Yool, whom he’ll fall in love with. So I do think it’s to serve the plot rather than the love part. We have to discuss Shin Yool’s past; I nearly cried watching as her mom was forced to throw her into the icy cold river.

akinahana89: Ah, yes. I was just about to mention that because I was thinking… Wang Wook might want to protect Shin Yool by getting the throne, but can he really prevent her fate with early death? Is there really a way to save her? I’ve actually wondered if Wang So could. The fact that he said, because of her, he saved someone’s life for the first time, is it a possible foreshadowing of things to come? I’m just glad Baek Myo and Kang Myung were there to save Shin Yool back then. It does break my heart that they haven’t been able to bear telling her the truth, sending her in a wild goose chase to find her mother and brother.


LavelyShai: Shin Yool is suppose to be the light for one nation- does that mean she can simply aid Wang So in ascending to the throne and then her destiny is to marry another? I’m not sure if Wang Wook can be successful in protecting her if he becomes king, but I think he feels guilty for not doing more to save his first love from her fate so this time around he vows to do different. My thing is, if he does court Shin Yool, I want him to love her for who she is and not who she looks like. I have an odd feeling that she’ll die before the drama ends. I hope I am wrong. Yes, I am also glad Baek Myo and Kang Myung saved her, but I have a feeling Ho Yool may be alive somewhere.

akinahana89: No! You are not allowed to ruin my OTP shipping right now. No, no, no! Don’t jinx anything! Haha.

LavelyShai: Haha. Not trying to ruin the OTP, but I just kinda had that thought. Are they meant to be or what? Their story lives on for years to come so perhaps they are fated to be together.


akinahana89: I guess we’ll find out! I, for one, am most looking forward to two things that might happen next week. Wang So realizing that “Gaebong” is actually his first wife, Shin Yool, and Wang Sik Ryeom figuring out that the prince to fear is the very person he’s been disregarding the entire time.

LavelyShai: I hope Wang So finds out who Shin Yool is next week, I’d like to have her be able to be herself around him instead of rushing to dress as “Gaebong.” Also, I thought it was cute how he told “Gaebong” he’d been married twice and she thought he didn’t mean her when he was actually counting her lol. Funny thing is, he didn’t disregard that short lived union like he’s done with his marriage to Yeo Won. I would love to see Wang Sik Ryeom actually be scared that it’s the person you least expect that will put your life in danger.

akinahana89: All in all, it looks like next week’s episodes will be exciting. I can’t wait!

So you tell us, when do you believe Wang So will find out the truth about his drinking buddy “Gaebong?”

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