Jung Woo Apologizes to Song Ji Hyo When Interviewer Shows a Picture of Them Looking Alike

On January 28, Jung Woo, Jin Goo, and Kang Ha Neul came out as guests on SBS’ “One Night of TV Entertainment.” During the show, the three actors were interviewed for their new movie “C’est Si Bon.”

Later in the show, the interviewer asked Jung Woo if he knew that he looked like actress Song Ji Hyo. When Jung Woo answered that he did not know, the interviewer brought out a picture to prove her point.

In the picture, there are various photos of Jung Woo’s face when he is laughing. One of the faces, however, is actually Song Ji Hyo’s face. When the other actors had trouble finding Song Ji Hyo’s face, Jung Woo laughed and said, “I apologize to Song Ji Hyo [for looking like] her.”

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