Park Myung Soo and Lizzy’s Music Video BTS Photos Released

Park Myung Soo and Lizzy’s first BTS photos from their upcoming music video have been released.

Han Kyung Ho, Park Myung Soo’s manager, uploaded these pictures on January 30 through Facebook. He added the title “Park Myung Soo and Lizzy, Music Video Filming, Coming Soon.”

In the pictures we can see the funny comedian transformed into a devil with the letters “PMS” emblazoned on his costume. The images show what appears to be a struggle or fight between the two.


Other pictures reveal the new trot singer sitting while Park Myung Soo appears to be sneakily approaching her.


On another note, Park Myung Soo and Lizzy became closer through filming for “Infinity Challenge” last June. Lizzy is currently promoting her new debut solo song “Not an Easy Girl.”