Noona Says: Kyu-Line Is the Dream

Noona, like many of you, did a total spazz out when it was announced that Kyu-line would be headlining their own variety show, “Fluttering India.” I almost could not believe it. A variety how starring the infamous and perfect Kyu-line is what dreams are made out of; perfect Noona dreams.

I’m going to make an assumption right now, but this has to be a product of SM C&C. It screams SM C&C. More than one SM celebrity as main cast? Check. Exotic location? Check. Obligatory Infinite member casting? Check. The only thing it’s missing is Kang Ho Dong as an MC. I know we all had our doubts and suspicions when SM C&C was created, but let’s just all admit that SM C&C knows what fans want, and we may not have known it, but we wanted Kyu-Line.

I’m sure it’s no surprise I’m a huge fan of Kyu-Line, after all, my devotion to Minho was announced through what can only be described as a worship post on his birthday. My bias for him plays a big part in my love for the Kyu-line, but I really like the other members too. They all have special qualities and adorable faces. Let’s take a look-see at each member.

With Siwon, an honorary Kyu-Line member
With Siwon, an honorary Kyu-Line member

Member 1: Changmin

All hail the almighty TVXQ (I refuse to add the !). When he debuted in DBSK, I thought he was kind of dorky looking, but then again, he was only sixteen. He has grown up very well. I still think he smiles like it’s painful, but there’s no doubting his handsomeness. SM has really pushed him out into the spotlight in recent years, with his own drama and pairing up with Kang Ho Dong in a few variety shows. Kyuhyun himself said that Changmin was the leader of the group, so I expect he will play a leadership role, which could be interesting to watch. I predict a lot of shots of him with his hands on his hips, being frustrated but holding his tongue because there are cameras rolling.


Member 2: Kyuhyun

If you don’t know, the name Kyu-Line came to be because of a popular smartphone app that scans your face and tells you which celebrity you look like, and most of these guys were matched up with Kyuhyun. He is the glue that hold this group together, sometimes against their wishes. By now Kyuhyun is a variety pro, and like Changmin, he had to bear the burden of being the group’s youngest. In Kyu-Line, however, they are the oldest and I bet you that they relish it. No doubt he will be the one following the cue cards and then getting caught saying something snarky under his breath when one of the younger members does something foolish.

He was so happy
He was so happy

Member 3: Minho

Sometimes, I get concerned at how stupidly happy he looks when he photographed with them. Seriously, just look at any picture of the group. He always has a huge grin. Despite his love and devotion for the Kyu-Line, Minho has one weakness that can come between him and his friends, his family, his company, his morals, and even common sense: competitiveness. How many times have I watched him compete with that super serious look on his face on a game that doesn’t even really matter? Regardless if he wins or loses, he will make a spectacle of himself. So yeah, we are definitely going to see him be competitive. I hope we get to see one of his tantrums. I like watching him pout and throw a fuss.


Member 4: CNBLUE’s Jonghyun

Not to be confused with SHINee‘s Jonghyun, who I imagine would probably go crazy in Kyu-Line. Jonghyun is…special? And I mean that in a very kind way. I don’t see him that often on TV shows, but when I do see him, he seems like a space ball. He is actually my favorite member in CNBLUE (he reminded me of Jaejoong), even before I knew he was in Kyu-Line. His voice is so lovely, I’m so glad “Gentleman’s Dignity” happened and he got to step out of the shadow. Every group needs a 4D member, and I think we have ours in Jonghyun. I wonder if he’ll speak all that much on the show, but he seems like the type to make every word count.

The infamous "Boy's Day"
The infamous “Boy’s Day”

Member 5: EXO’s Suho

Has Suho been on a show without his EXO members? This could be interesting. I have a tendency to root for Suho whenever I see him on TV because he looks so nervous and you can tell he’s trying really hard. It cannot be easy being the leader of EXO, considering the energetic characters that make up the members. I think he’ll have a good time being away from the group, and yet I bet there will be one time when he’s does a monologue about how he misses his members. (I’ve read that some people think I don’t like EXO, which isn’t true at all. I just like making fun of them because it’s so easy.)

Sunggyu is not in here but soon we will have photos of him and the group

Member 6: Sunggyu

I guess this is the surprise announcement. As far as most people know, Sunggyu isn’t an original Kyu-Line member. My honest guess is that if this is a SM C&C production, they went to Changmin and Kyuhyun and asked which Infinite member they would want to work with the most. Either way, I think it’s a good addition to the group. It keeps them from getting too comfortable and it’s always nice to add on to a group like this one. According to my Twitter friends, Sunggyu is a leader type who is made fun of a lot but has some tricks up his sleeve.


Now that I’ve thought about it, this is going to be a weird show. Kyuhyun is the only variety pro, but he’s more familiar with being behind a desk. They’re going to need an actual MC, a comedian, to lead conversations and commentary. It’s a little worrisome because they’re all friends, but that also means they are similar to each other. These guys tend to be a little awkward, a little cocky, and a little too handsome, which is great for my reverse harem fantasies, but a variety show needs a variety of personalities.

What are your predictions for the show? Who plans on watching the show?

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