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On January 23, a preview of “Brave Family” was released in which showed Park Myung Soo seemingly pushing AOA’s Seolhyun’s head. Seeing the video, many viewers went on a heated debate whether Park Myung Soo’s action was appropriate or not.

When the controversy arose, Park Myung Soo expressed that he was upset about the way the preview was edited. Many Netizens have waited for the actual episode to air to see whether Park Myung Soo should really make a formal apology.

However, Park Myung Soo may not have to make an apology after all, as he already did so at the time of the incident.

On January 30, the episode of “Brave Family” including the controversial scene aired. In the episode, the family goes shopping at a market place in Cambodia in order to prepare coffee and eggs for Seolhyun’s birthday. While on their way back, Lee Moon Sik accidently drops the eggs. Because eggs are quite expensive to buy, he goes back to the market in order to beg for new ones. However, Seolhyun accidentally drops those eggs also. Seeing what happened, Shim Hye Jin yells, “Hey!” and Park Myung Soo pushes her head.

After the incident, Seolhyun bursts into tears and goes into her room, making other family members panic. Park Myung Soo goes to Seolhyun right away and explains, “It wasn’t to tell you off. I was just really hungry. I’m sorry.” He then adds, “It’s completely your uncle’s (Park Myung Soo’s role) fault for pushing your head. I was just upset that we couldn’t eat [the eggs] anymore.” Even after, he continues to apologize saying, “Don’t get my intentions wrong. I’m sorry, it was my bad.”

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In the behind-the-scene interview, Park Myung Soo confesses, “When she broke the eggs, I immediately wondered whether I should I push her head or not. Then I thought, as an uncle, it’d be okay to push her head as a way of saying, ‘Why did you make a mistake?’ and the push only meant that.” Seolhyun also explains in her interview, “Everyone seems to be thinking that I cried because Uncle Myung Soo pushed me but it wasn’t because of that. I was upset that I broke the eggs. It was out of blaming myself for the mistake.”


After the incident, the family members in “Brave Famiy” criticize Park Myung Soo together in order to cheer Seolhyun up. Kang Min Hyuk says, “Why did you make my sister cry?” and Lee Moon Sik yells at him saying, “She was probably really surprised! We can get eggs any time,” and tells Park Myung Soo off.

Watch the detailed version of what happened:

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