Girl’s Day Yura Displays Jealousy Over Hong Jong Hyun’s Close Relationship with Girls’ Generation?

Girl’s Day’s Yura recently showed jealousy over her on-screen husband’s humorous confession of being close with Girls’ Generation.

On the January 31 broadcast of MBC’s virtual marriage program “We Got Married,” Yura and her virtual husband, model-actor Hong Jong Hyun, went out for a meal at a restaurant.

In the midst of their conversation after sitting down, the couple discovered a sign posted up that read, “If you prove to be friends with Rain, Jang Dong Gun, or Girls’ Generation, food is free.” After reading this, Yura asked Hong Jong Hyun, “Do you know anyone close to you that knows Rain sunbae-nim?”

In response, however, he answered, “I’m close with Girls’ Generation,” stirring up feelings of jealousy in his on-screen wife. Yura continued to ask, “Who [in Girls’ Generation] are you close with? Really?” After thinking about it for a while, Hong Jong Hyun said, “Who’s there again [in the group]?” causing laughter after his lie was exposed through his inability to answer with a member’s name.

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