Namgoong Min Transforms into Justin Bieber for Hong Jin Young on “We Got Married”

Actor Namgoong Min transformed himself into Canadian singer Justin Bieber for a special performance just for his on-screen wife, singer Hong Jin Young.

On the January 31 broadcast of MBC’s virtual marriage program “We Got Married,” Namgoong Min fulfilled Hong Jin Young’s request for him to carry out a performance to a song by Justin Bieber.

During this episode, the actor showcased his body rolls and various other dance moves to the beat of the song “Baby,” as Hong Jin Young watched and enjoyed seeing him perform.

After seeing his dance, Hong Jin Young expressed her satisfaction in an interview with producers, saying, “He was 2 million% amazing. It was really cute. I almost died because he was so cute, this guy.” However, her on-screen husband explained, “I’ve decided never to dance again. I did better when I was practicing,” as he showed his embarrassment following the performance.

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