MC the Max Lee Soo’s Performance Edited out in “I Am a Singer 3” but Placed Second by Audience

MBC completely edited out MC the Max’s vocalist Lee Soo’s part, as promised, in “I Am a Singer 3,” which aired on January 30. The show aired as if Lee Soo was not part of the show in the first place, as all interviews, comments, and performance done by him were completely cut out from the episode.

Although he was edited out on TV, Lee Soo was reportedly welcomed very warmly by the audience during the actual filming, and performed flawlessly for his stage.

As many viewers expressed regret in not being able to see his performance, “I Am a Singer 3” decided to reveal the clip of his performance. He sang a song in the first album of MC the Max called “Goodbye for a Moment.”

Check out the performance: