WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon Rejoins Group Activities After Recovering His Health

WINNER’s Lee Seung Hoon has joined in on group activities once again after revealing that his health is doing better.

The group’s fan meeting tour ‘Worldwide Inner Circle Conference 2015’ (WWIC 2015) in Korea opened up on January 31 at the Olympic Park Gymnastic Stadium. This fan meeting is said to have gathered about 10,000 fans.

During the fan meeting, fans were relieved to see that Lee Seung Hoon, who had been unable to attend the China stop of ‘WWIC 2015’ due to health reasons, looked to be healthy and back in good condition as they performed on stage.

After performing “Empty,” Lee Seung Hoon greeted the fans and reassured them by saying, “I’m okay,” as he flashed a smile, causing the fans to cheer loudly.

Meanwhile, WINNER will be continuing on the fan meeting tour in Japan in February.