“Three Meals a Day” Fishing Village Special Scores Highest Ratings among All of PD Nah Young Suk’s tvN Programs

The latest episode of “Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village Special” has scored the highest ratings out of all of Producer Nah‘s variety programs on tvN.

The second episode of the special, which stars actors Cha Seung Won, Yoo Hae Jinand Son Ho Joon, had an average rating of 10.8%, with the highest rating peaking at 14.8%. It was the most watched show during its time slot on January 30. It also had the highest ratings compared to all of Producer Nah’s previous programs, including the original “Three Meals a Day,” and his popular “Flowers” series, “Gramps Over Flowers,” “Noonas Over Flowers,” and “Youth Over Flowers“.

Before its premiere, the show struggled as one of its cast members Jang Geun Suk stepped down from the program. However, Son Ho Joon later joined the show as a fixed member of the special.