Jang Hyuk Reveals Perfect Abs in “Shine or Go Crazy”

MBC’s drama “Shine or Go Crazy,” revealed a semi-nude scene of Jang Hyuk, catching the eyes of viewers.

During the preview of last week’s episode, his abs especially stood out. His flawless body made many viewers sway at his manly appeals. Many are also curious why he had to go semi-nude in such harshly cold weather.

The producers of “Shine or Go Crazy” said, “Jang Hyuk starved the lunch and dinner before the filming in order to present a perfect body for viewers. The whole staff couldn’t help but marvel at his unrealistic body because he was so well built.”

“Shine or Go Crazy” is a historical romance drama that tells the love story between an imperial prince who is believed to be cursed and a princess who is abandoned from the court.

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