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Our first Man Crush Monday of February is here and, my, how time flies! With the beginning of a new month, I’d also like to introduce some new changes. (No, Byung Jung In from “Mary Stayed Out All Night” as our crush this week is not changing!)

Man Crush Monday and Woman Crush Wednesday will now be revealed on alternating weeks. That means rather than sharing the attention with each other on a weekly basis, each crush will be able to hog all the love and attention for themselves. In other words, February’s first Woman Crush Wednesday will take place next week, instead of two days from now. Our Mystery Reveals will also alternate month to month, so our Man Crush Mystery Reveal will still take place this month, but our Woman Crush Mystery Reveal has now been postponed to March.

Now, let’s take a look at those heart stopping reasons and moments from Byung Jung In that makes him so crushable, shall we? (Spoilers ahead!)

1. His embarrassingly awkward but so adorkable moments.


You know the one! Byung Jung In prepares breakfast for Wi Mae Ri and is completely obsessive compulsive about the placement of the silverware, food, and how convenient it is for Mae Ri to reach. As if that wasn’t already touching enough, he even acted out a possible scene… and then got busted by the very woman who was making him flustered to begin with. HA!! I love dorks!

2. Byung Jung In always goes for what he wants.


Someone won’t give it to him? He’s going to try with everything he has, anyway. That goes for Ji Entertainment, his drama production, Kang Mu Kyul, Wi Mae Ri,  and even Seo Joon. He doesn’t give up until he has exhausted all possible options and even then, he’ll still make a last attempt, just like his risk with filming his drama first before securing a broadcast – which, hey, proved to be a complete success!

3. His honorable moment in which he allows Wi Mae Ri to make her own decisions.


A man who honors and respects woman is always crush worthy, but I especially love how Byung Jung In never forces Wi Mae Ri to make a decision, covers for her so that she may spend time with her “husband,” and never purposefully puts her in an awkward position.

4. Byung Jung In’s passion for music, for his company, for everything.


He wins Kang Mu Kyul over with his secret passion for music, so he effortlessly won me over too. My heart definitely broke for him when it’s revealed that, as much as he loves the guitar, he could no longer play it. The love he has for his company is also apparent since, despite threats of having his funds cut off, Byung Jung In still chose to give Wi Mae Ri back her freedom and re-start his company from the ground up. His perseverance in every aspect is definitely manly to the extreme, even over something like attempting to heal Seo Joon from her emotional wounds over Kang Mu Kyul.

5. His ability to take revenge in small, harmless forms.


Byung Jung In may be cool as a cucumber most of the time, but even he’s subject to moments of jealousy and uncertainty. During those times, he doesn’t settle for simply simmering in his own negative emotions. He gets even! And maintains his blank facial expressions the entire time too! Like… intentionally making Kang Mu Kyul think there’s more to his relationship with Wi Mae Ri than friendship… or slamming on his breaks mid-cruise to stop Kang Mu Kyul from gushing, over exaggeratedly so, might I add, over the texts he got from Wi Mae Ri. Oh man, the way he turns his head away to laugh to his hearts content and then turns to face Kang Mu Kyul with a completely straight face… That takes talent! LOL.

Soompiers, what did you think about Byung Jung In? Did you get Second Lead Syndrome from watching him in “Mary Stayed Out All Night”? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and remember, you now have one more week to nominate someone for our Man Crush Monday’s Mystery Reveal!

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