TVXQ Releases Short PV for New Japanese Single, “Sakuramichi”

TVXQ, the legends of K-pop and Hallyu, have released a short promotional music video for their beautiful Japanese single, “Sakuramichi,” in celebration of their 10-year anniversary of their Japanese debut.

The veteran duo show off their exceptional vocal skills and their trademark classy visuals with the beautiful, bittersweet ballad. “Sakuramichi” translates roughly to “Sakura Blossom Road.” The song celebrates graduation this spring, a time for goodbyes and well wishes, while also emphasizing that the bond that has been made throughout the years will always stay. In the music video, Yunho and Changmin look sentimental as they travel together on a train, much like their journey together as a band through their 10 years in Japan. Gorgeous watercolor-like scenes follow, including thatose of the handsome men standing under a sakura tree.

TVXQ Sakuramichi 2 TVXQ Sakuramichi 1

Over the past 10 years, TVXQ have gone through thick and thin, but eventually established themselves as the most successful Korean artists in Japan, shattering record after record. As befitting of their status, the duo soon embarks on yet another Dome Tour, “Tohoshinki Live Tour 2015 ~WITH~,” starting February 6 at the Fukuoka Dome.

The single “Sakuramichi” will be released on February 25. Check out the short music video below!