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The “Idol Star Athletics Championships” finished its first day of filming without any injuries.

During the “Idol Star Track and Archery Championships,” held on January 1, nobody suffered from an injury. Even when the male idols started playing futsal, there were only a few scrapes and scratches.

An insider who participated in the filming said, “This program is very injury sensitive. Everyone was doing their best to avoid any wounds.”

On the second day of filming, held on February 2, the track events was held. The “Idol Star Athletics Championships” is both an opportunity and a risk for idols. This is the opportunity for newly debuted singers to make an impression as an athletic idol.

While most newly debuted idols are too busy to introduce their group’s name to even considering making a name for themselves, “Idol Star Athletics Championships” is the opportunity for individual spotlights. One good game will make a significant impression in the viewer’s mind. Thus, many are getting hurt for trying too hard.

Unsurprisingly, groups that are already famous want to avoid this program, especially if they have little passion or talent for sports. Not only are the filming hours long, but also the actual camera time for each member is sparse. It is evident that it is an inefficient program for singers whose main job is to sing.

Even more concerning are the risks of getting injured. When the game reaches its peak, there is always a possibility of danger. For popular idols who have schedules 24/7, a small injury can make a big impact on future agendas. Many actually get hurt during the filming of the “Idol Star Athletics Championships.”

Most recently, AOA Sulhyun injured her leg while practicing curling for last year’s New Years special. After being assigned 6 weeks of recovery, she experienced great difficulty in her comeback schedules. EXO’s Tao, VIXX’s Leo, SISTAR’s Bora, and more have also experienced big and small injuries.

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