Kim Jong Kook Regrets Choice He Made When Enlisting in Military and Talks about Love in

On January 2, Kim Jong Kook appeared as guest on SBS’ “Healing Camp.” In the episode, he talks about various topics from serving the military to thoughts on marriage.

In the episode, he revealed that he has to constantly exercise because of a disk in his back, which developed when he broke his leg as a child. When he had to enlist for mandatory military service, he was given the choice to work as a public service worker rather than becoming an active-duty soldier because of his back.

Although Kim Jong Kook chose to become a public service worker because of health issues, he confessed that he regrets his choice as some people have criticized him for not becoming a regular soldier. He commented, “Thinking about it now, I realize how sensitive the issue of ‘serving the military’ is. I am a celebrity, and I receive a lot of support and love from people because of my job, so I should have made a wiser choice. Whether my body hurt or not, maybe I should have served military as an active-duty soldier.”

While talking about his past love life, he revealed that he was in a relationship with someone for a long time. After breaking up with her, he shared that he got to think more deeply about love, and is looking forward to meeting his next love.

The MCs also mentioned Yoon Eun Hye, who was often coupled together with Kim Jong Kook in SBS’ variety show “X-Man” in 2005. Kim Jong Kook confessed that, at least during the filming of the show, he “thought of her as his girl.” After choosing Yoon Eun Hye as his ultimate ideal type, he sent a message to her saying, “We have a lot of memories together, and I am thankful for that.”

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Kim Jong Kook ended the show by sending a message to his future wife saying, “Please come and marry me. I am very healthy.”

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