Veteran Singer Shin Seung Hoon Starts “Neo-Artist” Project to Promote Rookie Singers

On February 3, Dorothy Company announced that Shin Seung Hoon would be launching the “Neo-Artist” project in order to promote rookie singers. The first singer to be featured in this project has been revealed to be McKay Kim.

McKay Kim was a member of male trio Raccoon Boys who made it to the top five in “Kpop Star 2.” His first single “Angel 2 Me” will be released on February 6.

The next artist to be featured in the project will be a girl group consisting of three members. A representative of Shin Seung Hoon stated, “The three member girl group will debut in the second half of this year.”

The representative gave some more details about the upcoming group saying, “They will display powerful dance moves despite not being an idol girl group. They are also not a vocal group. It’s hard to define the group as there are no similar groups existing at the moment. The members are all capable of playing musical instruments while singing. They are rookies that will set themselves apart in the girl group saturated music industry.”

He gave further information and said, “All three members are in their early 20s and their average height is above 160 cm. Their visuals are great and they will try acting as well so you can look forward to them growing as entertainers.”

Meanwhile, Shin Seung Hoon posted a message explaining his project on his Facebook, “I have been a singer for over 20 years. While being a coach on “Birth of a Star” and “Voice Korea,” sharing my knowledge and experience with my junior singers was rewarding in a different way. I have realized that as a senior and a singer there is great worth to helping those who are dreaming of a career in music and have that dream become reality for them.”