Loen Denies Rumor of IU Coming Back in April; Says Album Is Still under Preparation

A report was released on January 3 that IU was coming back with a new album on April. The report was filled with details claiming that the new album is not a remake album, like the album “Flower Bookmark,” but would be made up with completely new songs.

After this rumor of her comeback was out, IU’s agency, Loen Entertainment, immediately denied the report that she is almost done with preparing for a new album and that she is ready for a comeback in April. The agency shared, “A singer is supposed to choose a concept for an album and decide what songs she will include in the album for a comeback. IU hasn’t made any decisions about her songs or concept and nothing is set yet.”

A spokesperson of Loen also added, “An album and songs are definitely being prepared, but no date is set for [a comeback].”