15& Releases Comic Teasers for Comeback Single “Love Is Madness”

The female duo 15& has released a teaser for their comeback single, “Love Is Madness.

The teaser for the duo that was revealed midnight on February 4 is made up of two two-cut comics.

In the teaser cuts, Park Ji Min is eating a Valentine’s Day chocolate that she made herself, and is lying on the floor while watching TV. Baek Ye Rin has lied to her mom, saying that she has a date, but in fact, she goes to the “Show for People Who Agree that Love Is Madness,” lightheartedly making fun of couples.

15& breaks out of the cliche frame of love glorification and comes back with something new, sending the bold message that love is madness. The lyrics realistically tell stories of breakups and love, and the listeners are easily able to relate to the lyrics.

Meanwhile, 15& will release the digital track for “Love Is Madness” on February 9, and on February 14, Valentine’s Day, they will put on the “Show for People Who Agree that Love Is Madness.”