It is already February and slowly we are heading towards Valentine’s Day! This week, “We Got Married was full of laughs and precious moments, as usual. I found myself laughing out loud more than usual. Here are some of this week’s highlights and also some of my favorite moments!

1) Min Bieber


One of the reasons why I love “We Got Married is because it can show viewers a side of the actor or actress we never knew they had. Namgoong Min is this very charismatic and handsome actor, but on the show, he becomes this goofy, funny, and very playful character who is willing to do anything for his wife, Hong Jin Young. Min and Jin Young had their first sleepover together in this house in the countryside so that they could go see the sunrise together. Although it was interesting and entertaining to see their interaction with one another as they spent the night together, there was something else that made me laugh and smile even  more.  A couple weeks ago, Jin Young had told Min that she wanted to see him perform Justin Bieber‘s song, “Baby.” Min is so sweet because he watched the video over and over again, got help from a friend of his, who is a choreographer, and memorized the dance for his wife. It was cute to see how embarrassed and shy he was, but he ended up performing the dance because his wife wanted to see it. It was like watching SongMi 2.0. Min probably felt really happy because his wife was super happy watching him and she was laughing and enjoying it so much. You could tell that he practiced a lot too. He knew he was a bad dancer, but he did it anyways. I love how thoughtful and considerate he is. It makes it a lot better when the person you care about cheers you on and is filled with so much joy. Jin Young said that if he did the dance, in return she would do a sexy dance for him.  And boy, was he smiling from ear to ear.

mj3 mj4 mj5 mj6

2) New Year’s Resolutions for JJongAh

These two are really cute together, but I can still definitely sense that Yura is more invested in the relationship than Hong Jong Hyun. She is definitely more up front about her feelings and thoughts, which is good. Someone has to be in the relationship. As they tossed their resolutions to each other back and forth, Jong Hyun’s resolutions were more individual, but Yura’s were focused more on their relationship. She said things like, “Let’s be more expressive and have more skinship.” But quite frankly, I still think she brings this up way too much and I think she knows it too. When the time is right, it’s right. I feel like because she is always bringing up the idea of being more expressive and having more skinship, it can make it difficult for Jong Hyun to bring it up and initiate it. The higher the pressure, the more difficult it is to meet it.

jy1 jy2

One of their resolutions was to do more exercise. So they had their own little training session in their rooftop home. I guess they do feel comfortable with each other because Yura even whispered her weight to him before she went on his back so he could do push-ups. Then…he fell to the floor. Although they both aren’t amazing when it comes to working out and exercising, it was still cute seeing them in their exercise outfits and just having fun with each other. As the studio MCs said, “Couple exercise is the best.” I am also looking forward to the day I can exercise with my husband. Maybe that will motivate me to exercise more. As Yura used the pilates ball to stretch, Jong Hyun kept poking her stomach. Yura asked him why he was touching her stomach and he wittily responded, “I did skinship!” I guess she is getting what she asked for. There was an exercise where Yura was flat on her back and tried to bring the ball in with the bottom of her legs, to maybe stretch her legs and help her abs. Even though she struggled with this a lot, Jong Hyun seemed to think her efforts were adorable.

jy3 jy4 jy5 jy6

3) Yummy Fish

To thank their fans for all the support and for their awards at the MBC Entertainment Awards, Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun decided to make 100 goldfish breads and pass them out in front of the station. Jae Rim wanted to make it with red bean and So Eun wanted to make it with cream. So of course, it wouldn’t be our Sorim couple without the bets, so they decided to make 50 of each and see which one sold out first. They decided that whoever lost would have to compliment and show off the other person out loud in public.

js1 js2

It was just fun and entertaining to see the two as they cooked and prepared together and as they tried to figure out the math and proportions for their goldfish bread. Was the math really that difficult? This couple always has such adorable things they say to each other and they are naturally really cute. But lately, I have been noticing that in this couple’s situation, Jae Rim seems to be more invested in the relationship. If Jong Hyun matches to Yura, So Eun matches to Jae Rim. Although she matches to him and his cringe-worthy statements, I think the two of them still have a lot of fun together and have amazing chemistry regardless. But it also makes me question this because the two were seen on the kiss cam at a basketball game. Was this for filming or did they meet off the show in private? I guess we will find out.

js3 js4 js5

After several failed attempts at their goldfish bread and after passing out several flyers for their little snack cart, they finally got the hang of the baking and started taking customers. At first, the red bean was super popular, but in the end it was So Eun’s cream goldfish bread that took the victory. So Jae Rim stood in the center, facing all the people, yelling that So Eun was good at making cream goldfish bread and that when she smiles, she has a baby face. He said, “Even though she doesn’t know my birthday, I know hers, September 6.” They started arguing back and forth saying who knew and who didn’t know. So Eun said she knew his birthday too and she said February 15. Jae Rim yelled back, “15th? Who’s the b*stard?” I started laughing out loud because I thought this was hilarious.

js6 js7

I think with a these three couples, its not about what they do, but how they do it. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant because with these couples, it’s the little actions and the little things they say to each other that make it special and more memorable. Comment below and tell me what was most memorable for you this week! For this season of “We Got Married,” do you like the wives or the husbands better? Or do you just love them together?

And of course, here is Eric Nam’s featured face of the week!

eric nam
My love for Eric grows each week…

bubblybribri is a Soompi feature writer who hopes to find a guy like Song Jae Rim, who will watch her cook from behind and compliment her in front of everyone. She also enjoys K-POP STAR and loves all of her readers! You can follow her on Twitter and ask her any of your questions about anything about the Sorim couple or Korean entertainment!

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