GOT7’s Jackson Wearing a Cast after Injuring Ankle at “Idol Star Athletics Championships”

GOT7‘s Jackson is wearing a cast on his leg to prevent further injury after spraining his ankle while filming MBC’s “Idol Star Athletics Championships.”

A representative of JYP Entertainment explained to Star News, “After receiving a check-up at a hospital, he was told to wear a cast [on his leg]. The estimate is that he’ll have to wear it for around a week.”

On January 2, Jackson sprained his ankle while taking part in the track and field part of the show. After finishing the race, he felt pain in his ankle, and was soon transferred to a hospital for treatment.

Meanwhile, EXO‘s Tao also injured his ankle during the shoot, and reportedly visited a hospital afterwards for proper examination. SM Entertainment and Tao have both reassured fans that he is in stable condition.

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