Sung Si Kyung Shares “Dating Alone” Is More Real Than “We Got Married”

Singer Sung Si Kyung mentioned “We Got Married,” and shared his thoughts on virtual dating programs.

A press conference for JTBC’s “Dating Alone” was held on February 4. There, Sung Si Kyung said, “It seems that on virtual dating programs, the difference is how much the cast shows their feelings. On programs, they don’t tend to express the adults’ physical love.”

He said, “On ‘We Got Married,’ there’s a bit of disconnect because the married couples can’t kiss. The success or failure of the program depends on how honestly the cast show their inner feelings.” He added, “I actually think that ‘We Got Married’ is more like a play. On the other hand, ‘Dating Alone’ is actually closer to real dating. So I think it’s possible to attempt a lot of different things. I hope it becomes real dating.”

“Dating Alone” is a virtual dating show where celebrities date other stars through video. It airs every Saturday at 11 p.m.

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