AOA’s Jimin Reveals that AOA Members Are Angels Compared to “Unpretty Rapstar” Contestants

Girl group AOA’s Jimin revealed that she was scared of the other rappers on “Unpretty Rapstar,” Mnet’s female rapper survival program.

Jimin said on February 4 in an interview with Star News, “There was talk that I was the roughest of the AOA members, but starting from the very first shoot of ‘Unpretty Rapstar,’ I was very worried and scared. I wanted to go home right then.”

“Unpretty Rapstar” is a spin-off program of “Show Me the Money,” and it aired its first episode on January 29. Jessi, Jimin, Tymee, Cheetah, Jolly V and others compete against each other for the right to a special album track.

On the first episode, Jimin showed tears as the only rapper who comes from an idol girl group.


Jimin said, “I was angry that they looked down on me for being an idol, and I was curious as to why everyone was so cold towards me. But above anything else, it was hard to compete in such a pressurized atmosphere.”

She added, “I decided to come on the show to show a new side of myself, but I think I’ve only shown even weaker sides of me. But the atmosphere was so cold. After the first shoot, I cried as soon as I saw the other AOA members. In comparison [to ‘Unpretty Rapstar’ contestants], the AOA members are so kind and they’re angels.”