Naul Releases Music Video for “You from the Same Time” Featuring Yoo Seung Ho

Singer Naul of Brown Eyed Soul has released the music video for his latest single “You from the Same Time.” The music video stars actor Yoo Seung Ho, who takes on an emotional role in the video.

In the music video, Yoo Seung Ho can be seen reminiscing about a past love, seemingly wanting to overcome his sadness and say his final goodbye to the memories.

This single from the talented R&B singer is the first of the series of solo singles that will be released by each Brown Eyed Soul member. Jung Yeop, Young Joon, and Sung Hoon will all be releasing a solo single as part of the group’s project album. Naul wrote his single himself.

Watch the music video for Naul’s “You from the Same Time” featuring Yoo Seung Ho below!