K-Pop Stars and Their Ideal Types

Valentine’s Day is approaching and it’s a day set aside to celebrate, imagine, or even give up finding your perfect significant other. Who is your perfect partner and what qualities do they have in looks and personality?

What about your favorite idols? What qualities do they look for in their ideal partner? From personality to looks, K-Pop idols can get really specific or vague about their perfect significant other. They often name another celebrity who is the closest to their ideal type. We’ve roundup some of your favorite idols’ ideal types, and found out they actually say a lot about the idols themselves. What do you think?

B1A4’s Baro

Baro likes girls who are lively and outgoing because he’s not very talkative.  He also says he wouldn’t like anyone that seems too perfect. He wants to take care of his girlfriend and make up for any flaws she has. Lastly, he likes a girl who eats well, like Go Ara‘s character in “Reply 1994.” He picked Girls’ Generation Taeyeon to be closest to his ideal type.



Ailee is a long time fan of Taeyang, and picked him as her ideal type. She likes generous people who have a good sense of humor. She also mentioned that she likes someone who’s healthy and fit. When asked to pick her ideal type out of Infinite members, she picked Woohyun.


B.A.P’s Bang Yong Guk 

Bang Yong Guk likes a girl with good morality and public etiquette. He revealed that he thought a girl who picked up trash from the street seemed very beautiful. He also likes girls with long and wavy hair. He even mentioned that girls who raise their hand while crossing the street is attractive. Chinese actress Tang Wei is his ideal type because he finds her philanthropic activities attractive. So remember, pick up some trash, donate money, and make sure Bang Yong Guk knows about your kind heart!


Jay Park 

Jay Park named various celebrities as his ideal type. Actress Min Hyo Rin, Kang Ji YoungSISTAR‘s Bora, and non-Korean stars such as Taylor Swift, Nicki Minaj, and Scarlett Johansson are all Jay Park’s ideal types. Most recently through, he picked IU as his ideal type in the TV show “Witch Hunt” during a game of “Ideal Type World Cup.” He also said he likes figure skater Kim Yuna because of her big smile that shows a lot of teeth. Jay Park generally likes sexy girls whom he could have a good conversation with, and look pretty without make-up.

jay iu yuna

Girl’s Day’s Yura 

Since the beginning of her debut, Girl’s Day Yura mentioned actor and singer Lee Seung Gi as her ideal type. She likes guys with similar personality as her and are bright and outgoing. Yura also mentioned that she likes guys who seem like a younger brother.


Infinite’s Sunggyu

When asked to describe his ideal type, Sunggyu answered that he likes girls with white skin who is not too skinny. Although he used to say that 4Minute‘s HyunA was his ideal type, he revealed on TV show “Radio Star” that he only likes her as a fan. Later during an interview, he revealed that his ideal type changed to actress Han Ye Seul.


2NE1’s  Sandara 

2NE1‘s Sandara likes younger guys who are tough but cute and fun to be around. She wants to be comfortable around him when they are hanging out. She says age doesn’t matter for him, as long as he seems like a man to her, and she seems like a woman to him. She mentioned stars such as G-Dragon, Won Bin, and Kang Dong Won as her ideal type.


Lee Joon 

In a TV program, Lee Joon mentioned that he likes girls who have eye-smiles like Girl’s Day‘s Minah and BIGBANG‘s G-Dragon. From that day, G-Dragon became Lee Joon’s ideal type. In an episode of “Weekly Idol,” which starred G-Dragon as guest, Jung Hyung Don proceeded to make fun of Lee Joon and G-Dragon by having them talk to each other on the phone. Other than G-Dragon, Lee Joon also mentioned figure skater Kim Yuna as his ideal type. He wants to date someone who is obsessed with him, good at taking care of kids, and sexy at night.


Vixx’s N 

Vixx‘s N likes a girl who is intelligent, polite, and musically talented. He would like her to look smart and innocent.  As his ideal type, he mentioned miss A‘s Fei and Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun.


A Pink’s Jung Eunji

Jung Eunji likes masculine guys who have a kind smile. Also, she likes guys with crooked teeth and thick country accent like her. When asked to pick between “That Winter, The Wind Blows” co-stars Kim Bum and Jo In Sung, she picked Kim Bum as her ideal type. She also mentioned that Seo In Guk‘s character in “Reply 1997” is close to her ideal type.


JYJ’s Park Yoochun 

Park Yoochun likes confident women like Miranda Kerr. He likes artsy girls who are successful and hardworking. Park Yoochun doesn’t like girls who are too talkative or boastful of their achievements. He also likes actress Kim Tae Hee and Hollywood star Gwyneth Paltrow.


After School’s UEE

UEE used to like masculine guys who could protect her. Now she likes generous people who she would want to take care of. He has to be someone whom she would want to give a hug to. Among celebrities, she named Hyun Bin as someone closest to her ideal type.


Super Junior’s Kangin

Kangin is famous for first checking if a girl has pretty feet in order to judge her as attractive or not. He wants his girlfriend to have pretty toes and ankles. He says even if the girl isn’t particularly good looking, he still would consider her attractive if she has pretty feet. Kangin says the girl doesn’t have to be nice, and should know how to say mean things when its necessary and not be afraid to give her opinions honestly. He named Jun Ji Hyun and Song Hye Gyo as his ideal types (although they are, ahem, very good looking).


GOT7‘s Jackson  

In the TV show “Roommate,Jackson revealed that his ideal type is MMA fighter Song Ga Yeon. Meeting her in real life, he asked her to give him a kick to actually “feel” her strength (which didn’t turn out very pretty, he had to go in his room to cry in pain). His ideal type is a girl who is muscular, healthy, and has dark skin. However, he promised Park Jin Young that he wouldn’t date for three years from debut (less than two years to go!).


f(x)’s Sulli 

After Sulli and Dynamic Duo‘s Choiza admitted they were in a relationship, various presses released a past interview of Sulli in which she described her ideal type. Surprisingly enough, her ideal type seemed to describe Choiza! Whether she was already dating him at the time or if she found her Prince Charming later on, who knows. Sulli revealed that she likes guys who are dependable, like a father, and are very good at listening to her. She doesn’t like guys with too much aegyo and hopes that the person is open minded and dresses well with a clean style.


Block B’s Zico

Zico wants to date someone older that’s sexy and tall with long straight hair. He likes girls with volume and nice thighs. He named stars such as Beyonce, Kim Sa Rang, and 2NE1’s Park Bom as his ideal types.



D.O is known for choosing American actress Amanda Seyfried as someone closest to his ideal type. During a radio show, he claimed that he never explicitly named Amanda Seyfried as his ideal type. So when asked what his ideal type was, he replied, “Someone who has a pretty smile.” When Kim Shin Young, the radio show host, asked what celebrity was closest to his ideal type, D.O immediately responded, “It’s Amanda Seyfreid,” and made everyone laugh. He also wishes his future girlfriend would eat what he cooks deliciously. 

d.o. amanda

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri  

Yuri likes guys who are smart and witty. When in a difficult situation, she likes guys who can quickly solve problems. She also wants her boyfriend to be outgoing and become best friends with her. She has been a fan of actor Jang Dong Gun for a long time, and often chose him as her ideal type.


SHINee’s Key  

Key likes girls who are straightforward, clearly state their opinions, and are perfectionists. He wishes his future girlfriend is not fake but brutally honest. He doesn’t like girly girls, but wants her to be stylish and confident with her fashion. Key shared during a radio show recently that he wants to date someone mysterious who doesn’t treat him the same way she treats everyone else. Key named American actress Annasophia Robb and model Olivia O’Driscoll as his ideal types.


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