GOT7’s Web Drama “Dream Knight” Surpasses 13 Million Views

Dream Knight” is currently receiving a tremendous amount of popularity and interest.

The Youku-Tudou and JYP Pictures joint project featuring GOT7, Song Ha Yoon, and MissA’s Min has surpassed 13 million views.  The first episode was released on January 27 in Korea, China, and Thailand. Within a week it received around 800,000 views on Korea’s Naver TVcast, 1,160,000 views on China’s Youku and Tudou, and 200,000 views on Thailand’s Line TV.

“Dream Knight” is especially receiving a lot of love from China. On a Chinese chart for the hottest Korean dramas, the web drama made it to fourth place. This is an unprecedented feat for a web drama.  Its popularity is proven by the publication rights contracts that are currently being figured out in Japan and the United States as well. Publication rights for Southeast Asia and Europe are also being considered at the moment.

Meanwhile, “Dream Knight” releases episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

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