“Have you ever sworn something on your heart? Have you had a purpose to help the world? If not, then you should lay your sword down.”


Wang So (Jang Hyuk), alone in the storage room at Chunghae Trading Company, searches for the ledgers he needs, but ends up accidentally knocking over multiple chests and shelves. When Shin Yool (Oh Yeon Seo), still dressed as Gaebong, enters the room and sees him sifting through her goods, she gets angry with the assumption that he’s stealing. Turns out, Wang So is just frantically looking for his lost talisman – the butterfly pendant.

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She asks what it means to him and he replies that it’s a talisman that’s been protecting him for the past five years and a treasure he wouldn’t trade for anything. When Wang So belatedly realizes just how much damage he’s caused, he ends up training at Chunghae for five days to compensate. Between being utterly clueless about the trade and pretending to be a useless swordsman, plenty of hilarious mishaps ensues, including Wang So becoming so curious about Gaebong’s gender that he takes a peek into the bath house.

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A few days into his training, when Shin Yool is busy entertaining a persistent Wang Wook (Lim Joo Hwan), Wang So enters her private quarters, searches through her ledgers, and still comes up empty-handed… until he spots the mirror with an identical pattern to the mystery piece from Kim Jong Shik (Ahn Suk Hwan). He attempts to smuggle it, but gets caught by Baek Myo (Kim Sun Young) and Kang Myung (Ahn Kil Kang), which led to the revelation that the bill of exchange in his possession is a fake.

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The names of those involved in the late King’s murder is revealed when the culprit is caught just as Wang Sik Ryeom (Lee Duk Hwa) is told that Wang So is suspiciously spending his time at Chunghae. Snake Eyes is sent there to identify the prince he saw in Goryeo, but the anger burning within him causes him to prematurely attack Wang So and their brief sword fight ends his life.

Wang Sik Ryeom causes more chaos in the palace when the situation is reported back to him and his plan goes into motion. Wang So is banned from the palace, the poison gets sprinkled within the king’s scrolls, and the fight competition of the princes is scheduled.

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Meanwhile, Shin Yool and Wang So becomes closer than ever, even as his departure date draws near, and it’s with both a sad yet happy heart that they celebrate Wang So’s passing exam grade. Reluctant to part with each other, Wang So and Shin Yool, as Gaebong, become blood brothers.

Wang So heads back to Chunghae the very next day under the guise of assisting them with moving goods into the palace. Once there, Shin Yool mentions wanting to see the palace library and the two of them sneaks away. They change into stolen outfits to blend in with the staff and Wang So promptly loses his breath when he turns around to see Gaebong gorgeously dressed as a court woman. Shin Yool coyly smiles at him, tucks her hair behind her ear, and asks, “does it look strange?”

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LavelyShai: Where do we start? We got a lot of progress this week especially with our OTP. Shall we start there?

akinahana89: Yes! Although I was a little sad that Wang So didn’t get to figure out that Gaebong is actually a woman in this week’s episodes (and I blame Kyeong for that entirely! LOL), I did enjoy the plentiful amount of OTP time.

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LavelyShai: I was also hoping he’d finally figure out Gaebong was a woman, but Baek Myo was ahead of us and set him up. Haha. I did like that even though both of them are lying about something, they are very honest when it comes to their feelings. Even if they’re suppose to be “blood brothers” and So So thinks Gaebong is a guy, he’s completely honest with him.

akinahana89: Yes! I agree. That’s actually such a rarity in dramas – characters who are pretty much completely open about their thoughts and feelings. It really makes me adore Wang So and Shin Yool that much more. What did you think about all the extra humor this week? I, for one, loved it!

LavelyShai: Sageuks are generally slower when it comes to feelings and openness, but I appreciate how fast they’ve moved with that. Both of them aren’t afraid to really open up in front of the other even given their circumstances. I think what’s great about this show is that they can always deliver the comedy even when it’s suppose to be serious.

akinahana89: Again, I’m going to have to say I agree. The pacing of “Shine or Go Crazy” has been pretty quick and consistent, so I fully appreciate that. Most of the time, I find that sageuks tend to drag, so I’m glad that it hasn’t happened yet – and hopefully, it won’t at all. I do think the editing could use a bit of work though since there were a few scenes that ended pretty abruptly.

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LavelyShai: I can see what you mean about the editing, some of it seems so random like that flashback with Shadow-man (what is his name?) and Yeo Won. I liked seeing how he came to be next to her, but there was little to no warning when they showed that. I felt it was a bit random, but still nice to see since we all know he’s in love with her.

akinahana89: I actually feel bad for him because it’s obvious that Yeo Won knows of his affection and uses that to her advantage. Is it just me or does it seem like Shin Yool’s own Shadow-man, Kyeong, is also in love with the woman he’s supposed to protect?

LavelyShai: I was about to say that, you can tell Yeo Won knows of his feelings and is using that. She has no room in her heart for anyone except her ambitions. She said she was like that poisonous root, that’s meant to protect the flower (her family). And I really hope Kyeong isn’t in love with Shin Yool, we have enough one-sided loves and such in this drama I’d rather just him be a silent protector… although I do wonder how he came to protect her. I think someone said he was sent by the royal family, but which one? Hers?

akinahana89: That’s a great question and one that I hope we get the answer to soon. He’s so quiet and reserved that I’m actually really curious about his past. I like him though. I also adore Kang Myung. He treats So So well and looks beyond his exterior whereas Baek Myo is all about status and physical attributes. The way she fawns over Wang Wook and tries to push Shin Yool towards him is starting to become really annoying. lol.

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LavelyShai: Omg, I was so irritated with Baek Myo this week that I couldn’t stand any scenes with her. It’s understandable how she’s looking out for Shin Yool, she saved her life, but I think she’s become so blinded by looks and money that she’s disregarding Shin Yool’s feelings. It is rather embarrassing seeing her drool over Wang Wook like that. I feel for Kang Myung sometimes because he knows what he’s talking about and he doesn’t pay attention to money or looks. Shin Yool just looks so bothered by the sight of Wang Wook, she almost looks disgusted. Did you see the look he got when he saw her smiling with his brother? It was kind of…scary.

akinahana89: Yeah, it was creepy alright. It seems like Wang Wook is already becoming obsessed with Shin Yool and just because she resembles his past love. He’s going to be a pretty big problem down the road and I can see him becoming a psychotic killer in the future. At least Kang Myung is level-headed enough to realize that Wang Wook isn’t worth all the attention that Baek Myo is giving him. His bet is on Wang So for sure!

LavelyShai: Wookie will become a problem later for Shin Yool, I can see him becoming creepily possessive of her. Her looking like his past love and him liking her just for that is weird enough, but we know he’s going to want to make her his queen. He’s too passive so I hope Wang So doesn’t let his guard down too much when it comes to him. Yes, Kang Myung is very level-headed and sees the good in him, he even told him he’s a good person. So far, So So has Kang Myung and Gyu Dal on his side. Speaking of sides, I’m starting to feel really bad for the king.

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akinahana89: Oh man, the poor King. As if it wasn’t already bad enough that he’s a rather meek person to begin with, but he has to deal with the constant pressure, greed, and schemes coming from Wang Sik Ryeom. He’s dealing with it as best as he can, which I applaud him for, especially after he found the courage to stand up to him, but now he’s going to get poisoned and die a slow death too?! Talk about injustice. Although I do wonder what’s going to happen to Yeo Won if they figure out that the poison came from her.

LavelyShai: I knew his fate going into this, but it’s so sad watching him, like when he wanted to see his brother, but his mom fell into Wang Sik Ryeom’s trap and banned Wang So from the palace. I’m so sad for him. He wants to do so much good, but ‘tis not his destiny. If/when they find out it’s from Yeo Won (which probably won’t happen until much later), she’ll either be exiled or put to death. I’m hoping for the latter, but that’s just me.

akinahana89: Well, the latter would definitely take her out of the picture for Wang So and Shin Yool’s happily ever after. Haha! Assuming Shin Yool lives, of course… I’m still rooting for them so badly! Oh, and I absolutely must mention one of my favorite scenes this week: Wang So and Snake Eyes. I loved that chase scene! From Wang So acting like a useless swordsman in front of Gaebong to the way he immediately transforms himself, demeanor and all, into his skilled ninja assassin role once alone with Snake Eyes, the intensity was totally there. Jang Hyuk totally sizzled with his confidence and smooth moves. Wow!

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LavelyShai: The fight scenes are glorious and beautifully shot! Again, it’s nice to see that Jang Hyuk does his own stunts and it really shows! That scene was perfect. Too bad Sik Ryeom and now Yeo Won are semi on to him. Seems too early for them to know his secret. Then again, they don’t have any proof aside from Shadow-man which is why that fight has been planned. If he’s that good, then he’ll defend himself and be outed as a competent person.

akinahana89: I actually like that both Wang Sik Ryeom and Yeo Won is on to Wang Soo. It really adds to the overall tension of that conflict and leaves us, the viewers, in the dark about what’s going to happen next. Situations like this are usually reserved for later on in the drama, so this, too, is an appreciated change. It feels more action packed and will keep Wang Soo on his toes, which is something I’m looking forward to. Seeing him acting the carefree So So is great, but I really love seeing the intense, confident, and strategic warrior Prince too.

LavelyShai: You do have a point, it is nice to see them doing this so early. It makes me anxious for what’s to come. This is a 24 episode drama so these things aren’t usually shown now. The pacing really is great and keeps us wanting more. I really can’t wait to see how So So reacts to seeing “Gaebong” dressed as a court woman… she’s a woman and acts like it. What will he say? Darn these cliffhangers.

akinahana89: Not only that, but Shin Yool wants Wang So to find out she’s a woman. I mean, just look at that coy smile of hers at the end of episode 6! Haha. But, hopefully, that’ll happen next week because he should definitely be suspicious about her gender again after seeing her dressed as a court woman. I also really want to see Baek Myo groveling for forgiveness when she realizes Wang So is actually royalty. After the way she’s been treating him like scum beneath her shoes, it’s time for some revenge! Maybe that will happen next week too? Haha.

LavelyShai: I live for the moment that they all find out Wang So is a prince, especially Baek Myo. Will he treat her as she did him? Hmm…

akinahana89: Probably not, but I guess we’ll find out! I’m going to start sounding like a broken record now, but… is it Monday yet? Is it? Is it? Is it?!

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Soompiers, are you enjoying the ride so far? Is “Shine or Go Crazy” meeting your expectations? What are you most excited about for next week’s episodes? Let us know in the comments below!

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