Introducing Rising Child Star Kim Hyun Soo

Have you ever seen a drama and wondered about the child actors that often play the younger versions of the characters? At times viewers think they’ve done such an excellent job that they should earn a main lead one day? Sometimes child actors can have longer resumes than their adult colleagues and one such actress who has been slowly building up her credits is 14 year-old Kim Hyun Soo. Even if you don’t know her name, you’ve seen her face in a drama or two and even a few movies starring alongside names such as Gong Yoo and Joo Won. Let’s take a look at a few of her roles.

Good Doctor (2013)

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Good Doctor” starred Joo Won as Park Shi On, an Autistic savant pediatric surgeon resident who must prove himself to be capable of caring for patients. Moon Chae Won played pediatric surgeon Cha Yoon Seo, who trains Park Shi On and later falls in love with him. Kim Hyun Soo played a patient in the pediatric ward, Na In Hae, who was usually in and out of the hospital. Being one of the older kids in the unit, In Hae often assisted in keeping watch over the younger kids. She appeared throughout the entirety of the drama and had a significant presence within the hospital, being one of the first patients to show trust in Shin On and befriend him. He often went to her for advice, most notably on how to confess his feelings to Yoon Seo. In Hae felt most guilty towards her older sister, Na In Young (Uhm Hyun Kyung), who had to take on different jobs to pay her hospital bills. This was the first time I’ve ever seen Kim Hyun Soo in a drama, but I was immediately blown away by how well she conveyed the emotions needed to play Na In Hae. If you want to see her in a drama where she doesn’t play a ‘dead’ character in flashbacks or the younger version of a main character, this one is a good place to start. She, along with the other kids, really made this drama heartwarming.

The Joseon Gunman (2014)

The Joseon Gunman

Lee Joon Ki starred in this period drama about a man, Park Yoon Kang, who sets out for revenge after his father is tragically killed and his younger sister is enslaved. Kim Hyun Soo plays Park Yeon Ha, Park Yoon Kang’s younger sister who is forced to be a slave after their father Park Ji Han (Choi Jae Sung) is labeled a traitor after he is killed. This drama was quite popular from what I have seen, did she shine in her role?

The Murderer (2014)

In this film, Kim Hyun Soo plays a transfer student in a small village named Ji Soo who befriends a boy named Yong Ho (Ahn Do Kyu). Unbeknownst to the villagers, Yong Ho’s father, Joo Hyub (Ma Dong Seok), is a serial killer whose attempt to live unnoticed starts to fall a part when Ji Soo discovers his secret. In effort to save himself and his son, he tries to kill Ji Soo. Although I have yet to see this one (English subs please?), I love how she’s showing different sides of herself through her acting. To me, this is what will make her career long lasting.

My Love From the Stars (2013)

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Kim Soo Hyun played an alien who had been stuck on Earth for 400 years, and when he finally has the chance to go home, he falls in love with an actress, played by Jun Ji Hyun, who has a fall from grace. Young Kim Hyun Soo played two characters in this drama: Yi Hwa, a young widow from the Joseon era whose life is saved by Do Min Joon, but later dies, and young Cheon Song Yi who is later also saved by Min Joon. Yi Hwa was the first human he let befriend him so when she died he felt guilty he couldn’t do more. Then when he saved Song Yi, he saw that as a second chance to do what he was unable to do for her lookalike. Even though Kim Hyun Soo wasn’t in the full drama, both of her characters played a huge part in shaping Do Min Joon into who he became. If he hadn’t saved Yi Hwa, then befriended her, he wouldn’t have saved Song Yi as a kid and we wouldn’t have the OTP we know and love today. Coming into the drama, I knew Kim Hyun Soo could successfully pull off dual roles, but she exceeded my expectations. Even though she played the typical type of character actors her age often take on, each one she plays is different and she’s showing how versatile she can be.

Recognize her now? If not, then you can also see her in Tree With Deep Roots, The King’s Dream, Bridal Mask, and Silenced. To be quite honest, I have yet to see some of these dramas and movies, but they are on my watch list (any other recommendations?). I decided to write about her because she’s showed great promise as an actress from what I’ve seen of her. Kim Hyun Soo may be young, but she has built herself an impressive resume starring alongside some very talented actors and actresses. To be able to hold your own against seasoned veterans is very admirable and she’s done quiet well for herself. I’ll be making sure to keep an eye on her; she may be a top star one day.

 Are there any actors/actresses that you feel is underrated or not that well known and you feel they should get some spotlight? Tell me in the comments below and maybe you’ll see an article about them!

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