BTOB’s Yook Sungjae Given Tips on Keeping BTOB from Disbanding by Moon Hee Jun

On January 5, Moon Hee Jun, Lee Moon Sik, Choi Jung Won, BTOB’s Yook Sungjae, M.I.B’s Kangnam, and Sayuri appeared on KBS 2TV’s “Happy Together” for the talk show’s topic “tough life.”

In the episode, Yook Sungjae asks the first generation idol, H.O.T’s Moon Hee Jun, for tips on how to keep an idol team from disbanding. Moon Hee Jun asks him, “Did you [and your members] sign the contract at the same time?” to which Yook Sungjae replies, “Yes, at the same.” Moon Hee Jun says, “That’s good. If the contract time is same, that’s a pass.”

happy together

Moon Hee Jun also mentions, “There shouldn’t be a member who has a contrasting personality from everyone else. If everyone’s personalities are harmonious enough to get along with each other, it’s easy to maintain [the group] for a long time. It’s not about being satisfied or dissatisfied, but about having a good chemistry.” He then adds, “If one person doesn’t seem to fit well with others, there has to be a mediator for him. Someone should constantly resolve any misunderstandings that arise between members,” and gives genuine advice to Yook Sungjae.

happy together (2)

Meanwhile, Moon Hee Jun also shares the difficult times he had with anti-fans, and how hard he worked to become an MC in variety TV shows. He even shares that the possibility of H.O.T. making a comeback is becoming more likely.