Kangnam Confesses That His Ex-girlfriend Hit Him at the Airport

M.I.B’s Kangnam confessed on “Happy Together” that his ex-girlfriend hit him at the airport.

On the February 5 episode of KBS2‘s “Happy Together,” Kangnam revealed his past struggles to make it as a singer in Korea. He revealed that he followed his CEO to Korea without thinking carefully, and even attended a private institute to correct his pronunciation. After he told his story, Sayuri mentioned that Kangnam was hit by his girlfriend at the airport, flustering him.

Sayuri said, “At the Haneda airport, a woman who was waiting for Kangnam grabbed his head and hit him.” Kangnam quickly explained, “I had a girlfriend, but I didn’t tell her when I left. I wanted to return successfully.” He then said, “But somehow, she found out and came to the airport. She slapped my cheek as soon as she saw me. My parents were also there and they were so surprised. My girlfriend kept crying, so I took her to a coffee shop to calm her down.”