Luhan Disputes Claims Made in Lawsuit Filed by SM

According to Chinese entertainment source Sina Entertainment, a representative from Luhan’s “Luhan’s Workshop” released an official statement on February 6 disputing the claims made in the lawsuit SM Entertainment filed against the singer and fellow ex-EXO member Kris.

The statement reads, “We are releasing this official statement in order to clarify the truth and and to protect Luhan’s reputation. SM has filed a lawsuit to the Shanghai courts claiming that ‘Luhan has been participating in activities in China without permission.’ However, according to the rules of jurisdiction, [SM] has no right to file a lawsuit about [Luhan’s] exclusive contract to a Chinese court. Indeed, the Shanghai courts have no jurisdiction [over this matter].”

It continues, “The results of [our] investigation show that SM sued an advertiser affiliated with Luhan for copyright infringement. This does not match up with the reasons that [SM] provided for their actions. The statement that SM released through the press is misleading. SM is aware of the reasons behind [Luhan] filing [for nullification] of his exclusive contract, but in their statement the company unethically said, that ‘[he left] without any legitimate reason.’ Saying that ‘[Luhan] left EXO without any reason other than his own gain’ is a malicious attempt to defame Luhan.”

The statement concludes with, “In order to protect his lawful rights and interests, we will take full legal measures against any reports that slander Luhan’s reputation”

Meanwhile, Luhan left SM Entertainment in October of last year and filed for nullification of his exclusive contract with the company. Luhan has since entered into two rounds of court mediations with SM Entertainment but to no avail. On February 5, SM Entertainment released an official statement that claimed that Luhan left EXO without permission and announced that the company had filed lawsuits against not only Luhan but also the advertisers that used him as a spokesperson.

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