AOA’s Seolhyun Cries about Her Birthday on “Brave Family”

On “Brave Family,” AOA’s Seolhyun starts crying as she talks about her birthday.

On the February 6 episode of KBS2 variety show “Brave Family,” Seolhyun celebrates her birthday while abroad in Cambodia for the show. Describing how she feels on her birthday, she says, “I miss Korea a lot.” She sadly shares, “I wish I were with my mom.”

Seeing this, fellow “Brave Family” cast member Choi Jung Won empathizes and says, “I would cry, too. It’s your birthday and you’re experiencing things for the first time in a new environment…”

In the previous episode, it was shown that many of the family members were already on-edge and sensitive on this day, Seolhyun’s birthday. There was a tense situation where Lee Moon Shik and Seolhyun both drop eggs and the hungry family did not respond kindly. Seolhyun cried after Park Myung Soo pushed her head for dropping the eggs and he immediately apologized to her. She was already crying on her birthday and was probably missing home even more after those stressful incidents.