Hong Jin Young and Namgoong Min Captured in Hilarious Photo at Amusement Park

We Got Married” virtual couple Hong Jin Young and Namgoong Min recently went to an amusement park and snapped a hilarious souvenir photo that was recently revealed in an online community post entitled “Namgoong Min [and] Hong Jin Young’s Visit to an Amusement Park.”

The photo was taken at the top of a log flume ride’s drop just as the boat falls, and it’s quite the meme-worthy image. Here’s a close-up.

we got married

Namgoong Min has his mouth wide open and his arms wrapped tightly around Hong Jin Young, who is sitting right in front of him. On the other hand, poor Hong Jin Young looks like she’s at once absolutely terrified and in excruciating pain. Her facial expression has been compared by netizens to a woman in labor.

We hope the photo brightens up your day!

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