HyunA Is the Slowest at Learning Choreography in 4Minute

4Minute‘s HyunA revealed that she is the slowest at learning choreography among the group.

Entertainment news program “Section TV” had a chance to go behind-the-scenes at 4Minute’s latest music video shoot, sitting down with the members for an interview.

When asked who made the most mistakes during filming, HyunA answered while shyly smiling, “me,” adding, “I am the slowest at learning the choreography, so I make the most mistakes.”

HyunA explained that the concept for their upcoming comeback “Crazy” will infuse numerous hip hop elements, a big departure from their previous concepts. When the interviewer asked them if they had any desire to go for a more “princess-like” concept, they answered that they previously had a school-look concept that went for a cute look, but it had the “least reaction from the public.”

4Minute’s “Crazy” will be released on February 9.