SONAMOO Set to Star in Their Own Reality Program, “SONAMOO’s Pet House”

After debuting only a month ago, girl group SONAMOO is already set to star in their very own reality TV show.

The program, entitled “SONAMOO’s Pet House,” will see the group’s members transformed into cute dog-sitters, taking care of dogs who come to stay with them in their ‘doggy guest house.’ Viewers can look forward to seeing all kinds of dogs appear on the show, from those being raised by celebrities to both big and small dogs alike.

It has been further revealed that the girls have been getting themselves fully prepared for filming by visiting both animal hospitals and dog cafes and also reading books on raising dogs. Such efforts by the girls display their dedication to taking care of the dogs who come to stay in the house.

After beginning filming on February 9, “SONAMOO’s Pet House” is scheduled to premiere in the beginning of March on SBS MTV and SBS funE.